Tiroir de Lou

Isaline necklace

  67,00 €

Necklace made with a thin iridescent cotton cord strongly assembled with a gold plated circle and a natural stone (quartz).
  • Gold plated
  • Handmade in Belgium
  • Lenght: 105 cm 
  • Guarantee: 1 year

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Lou advices to keep your jewels for a very long time: 

Metals, in particular natural silver, is afraid of oxydation due to ambiant air, humidity and a long light exposure. We will never repeat enough that when you don’t wear a jewel, keep it in a dry place, away from light and humidity, in its original pocket or a closed jewel box. 

With quality jewels, this oxydation can be removed with a soft duster, bicarbonate of soda and a trickle of water. To reach the inner links of a chain, take a toothbrush instead of a duster for example, but take care of not scrubbing too hard to avoid any damages on the gold plate.

The Factory

« Le tiroir de Lou » jewels are a marvel. Each more beautiful than the last.
Each jewel is handmade by Lou in her workshop in Brussels in Belgium.

Before being 100% jewel designer, Lou was a journalist. Because she wanted to share the information. « What I love above all is to assemble words as pearls on a thread, detach myself and say to myself it’s pretty. Or funny. Or powerful. When I think that some days later, they are in the hands of thousands of readers, and that thanks to that assembly of words, I get a smile out of them, I tremble. It’s a little bit the same with jewels… »

Lou is attracted to jewels since she’s a little girl. When she was a kid she would sell rings to her classmates and made Brazilian wish bracelets to her boyfriends. For 5 years, while being a journalist, she made jewels for her friends, and for their friends. In 2013, she decided to make living out of her passion and started her own business as a jewel maker. Behind her workbench she imagine, designs, welds and assemble jewels. Delicate, thin, feminine jewels.