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Nowadays, our clothes have many different functions. They are meant to cover up our body, to keep us warm or to please someone,… and nothing will make them disappear. Despite the fact that clothing has become a necessity, it has also become the second dirtiest industry in the world and we might run out of ressources if we don’t make any change. The newest technologies are more and more committed to find solutions to limit the ecological footprint. Many celebrities are also trying to raise awareness among they audience. There has been some progress actually with the organic cotton. Many pieces of the Summer Capsule and the October Capsule are made of organic cotton at Made & More by the way! There are many other fabrics that are eco friendly such as the linen or the hemp. As you can see, the fashion industry has become very threatening toward the environment. We need to keep our planet green and clean but we've got to change many of our daily habits to make it happen, which is not impossible.





Clothes colored by algae
Have you ever heard about Blond & Bieber? They are two women from Berlin and some years ago they came up with a very innovative idea. They have invented the fabric dying. They make their own fabrics through the culture of microalgae. Their microalgae grows within a couple of days and doesn’t need anything except water, sunlight and CO2 and the colors can change and fade when exposed to sunlight. Some of the green algae pigment changes to blue, while pink-hued algae turns to red and then orange.

Catalytic clothing
Another brilliant invention is the catalytic system. The photocatalyst will be applied to clothing, and in the presence of light, harmful airborne pollutants such as nitric oxide will be broken down. This means the wearer will effectively purify the air around them. Ecovert, an ecological concentrated detergent brand decided to put their two cents by adding a special substance to their detergent that will increase the effect of the catalytic system.

Recyclated plastics

When we see garbage, they see raws materials. That’s the story behind a Spanish company that turns plastics bottles collected in oceans into clothes.

The good news for the company is that there is no way they would run out of raw materials since our oceans are full of garbage, unfortunately…

Milk fiber

A new textile has been recently invented by Qmilch that could very well redefine sustainability in fashion. This start up decided to make good use of the 2 million litters of milk that are thrown away every year in Germany. They turn milk into fabrics, in short. The procedures seems pretty simple actually. The casein, which is a milk protein is blended with water and some other natural ingredients. This method is quite eco-friendly as well. It’s bio degradable and cuts water waste. While cotton uses more than 10,000 liters of water to produce 2 pounds of fabric, Qmilch uses half a gallon… The method exists in the cosmetic industry and in the automobile sector as well.

Other great inventions have entered the world of sustainable fashion. Many scientists and craftsmen do their best to reduce footprint. All these news project will surely make the world of fashion better.

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