How to recycle your Made & More box?

by charlotte

When we prepare your order at Made & More, we attach great importance to the display. That's why we send you your By Made & More garment in a beautiful white box. But how to recycle this box? And what should we do with all the boxes we receive and then throw away every week? Here are our ideas on video and pictures. We would love you to share your ideas with us!

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

The coffee box


Store your capsules, the sugar and the coffee cups.
Perfect for the office !

The sewing box


Needles, tape measures, buttons...so many little things
that have to stay together to make your creations ! 

The underwears box


It's hard to keep your drawers tidy. Everyone knows it!
Make it easier with a box for your underwears and socks.

The magazines box


In your living room, under your bed, on a table...They are everywhere!
Gather all of them, keep your favorites only and place them in the box! 

The desk box


A pure, tidy and pleasant desk, the key for a nice day at work! 

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