How to take care of merino wool ?

By Coline

Made & More has just launched its new collection in merino wool, La Dolce, and wanted to give you some tips to take care of your merino wool clothes. As its name suggests, « merino » wool comes from merino sheeps from Spain. The wool is mainly characterized by its softness. The fibres of the merino wool are thiner than the fibres of classic wool. It gives an amazing softness. Merino wool is a wool of a superior quality. It has all the benefits of classic wool but not the disadvantages. It is really lightweight, less bulky and it dries faster. Moreover, the softness doesn’t reduce the heating power of the wool. Quite the opposite! 

How to clean it?
You can choose the hand washing or the washing machine. To keep your clothes shape, we recommend hand washing when it comes to large clothes such as dresses or cardigans. 

Hand washing
1. Use a special wool powder to avoid damaging the fibres (for example: Persil Silk & Wool). If you don’t have special wool powder you can use a neutral pH soap.  
DON’T :don’t use any softener or soap with bleaching agent. 

2. Fill a basin of warm water (about 30°C) in which you have added washing powder (check the indications on the bottle).

3. Immerse your clothes in the basin and let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, wriggle it carefully for a minute. 
DON’T :Don’t let your clothes in the water too long. The fibres may become slack. 

4. Rinse your clothes with clear lukewarm water to eliminate soap residues. 

5. Spin carefully your clothes with your hands.
DON’T: Don’t twist it! You could deformed your clothes.

Washing machine

1. Put your gloves, socks or beanies in the machine.

DON’T: don’t put your large clothes (dress, sweaters,...) in the machine.

2. Separate the colors (light colors together, dark colors together) and the weights (heavy items together). You can wash the merino wool items together or with rigid fabric such as jean. To avoid any risk: clean your merino wool items separately. 

DO: Always turn your clothes inside out to avoid pills.

3. Use a special wool powder to avoid damaging the fibres (for example: Persil Silk & Wool). If you don’t have special wool powder, use a neutral pH soap.

DON’T: don’t use any softener or soap with a bleaching agent.

4. Select the wool programme.

5. Wash your wool clothes at constant temperature. Water has to be at the same temperature during the washing and the rinsing. 

DO: Use lukewarm water (about 30°C, regarding to the clothes label).

DON’T: don’t use hot water. 

6. When the washing is over, empty the machine and put the items in a towel. Press gently the towel to remove the water. Spread out the clothes on a dry towel and leave it to dry.

DON’T: Don’t hang your wet clothes. It will deform them. Don’t put your laundry next to a heat source such as heaters or in direct sunlight. It is better to air dry your clothes to avoid them shrinking.

7. Merino wool is a crease-resistant fabric. If you really want to iron your clothes, you have to wait until they are totally dry. Use an iron with a wool programme. Gently put the iron on the item but don’t move it back and forth. Repeat until the item is ironed.  

DO: if the item is delicate, put a towel on top of it before ironing.

If you have a stain on your wool...

Cover it immediately with cold or sparkling water. Then, pat the stain with a soft clean cloth. If it is not enough, use a stain-removing for wool and leave the product to draw in for few minutes. Then, rinse with cold water and dry it as explained above. Well done ! You are now able to take care of your merino wool. But remember, always check the label before cleaning or drying your clothes. 

Have a look at La Dolce, the new collection by Made & More. 100% merino wool, made in Italy with love and respect. 

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