They want to change the world - Young Change Maker

By Aurélie

On Tuesday 26th of April, Made & More was invited to one of the "Young Change Maker" conferences. Young Change Maker  is gathering young people who want to change the world in their respective fields, at different scales. Stéphanie Fellen, founder of Made & More, was one of the speaker.  Discover Made & More through a video and the three speakers invited to the conference. Inspiring and moving paths.


Three years ago, Stephanie Fellen created Made & More, an online sustainable fashion e-shop with its own brand and other brands. Everything is made in Europe with love and passion. Stephanie is visiting the manufacturing workshops and shows to our customers how things were made and by whom. She shows that it's possible to buy differently and consciously. 


From Vancouver to Dakar, to Irak where he is working now, Quentin Bruno, seems to have already lived many different lifes ! Passionated about photography, he travels the world, looking for moving and inspiring pictures. 



Sarah has the viligo disease, a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. After being bullied for years, she decided to create a blog where she shares her life and the long way she has been through to accept her disease : “Confettis blancs”.



Hanne Gaby Odiele is a young Belgian model. She lives in New York and revealed early this year that she was intersex, giving voice to something she’d always been told to hide.

Pictures : Gilles Charlier
Young Change Maker : http://www.youngchangemaker.eu/

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