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by stephanie

Rencontre avec Mathilde Lacombe

Mathilde Lacombe :
 It’s all about balance

I had the chance to meet Mathilde Lacombe, the co-founder of Birchbox France and writer of the book « une question d’équilibre » that is coming out today. Her interview will be soon published on our diary.

The price of things


The price of things is a subject that comes up very often when we talk about fashion, ethic and local production. Check out our new video to learn more about it.

La semaine du Tshirt

Tiroir de Lou

Tiroir de Lou: back in stock!


Many of you love Tiroir de Lou’s jewels. Result? We run out of stock for a lot of models very quickly. preprocessThe good news is that they are back in stock and we even have two models that you have never seen before : The Agatha hand bracelet and the Helene earrings.

Alias Louise: the pure beauty


Louise is the author of the blog Alias Louise. She is from Lille and we got the opportunity to meet her during our Pop-up store over there a few months ago. She is a ethical fashion lover and she wears it so well. Click here to see her outfit with the white squared shirt Elena and the Agnes velvet skirt.

Alias Louise


Paris !


The team is working hard to find THE place in Paris for the next Pop-up store.
Be patient, the official location and the dates will be unveiled to you next week!

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