Travel board - Day 2: Porto


Hello !

For our second day in Porto, we went to visit 2 other places held by Cristina where other ladies are sewing. A part of the pieces are sewn a few kilometers away from the main factory because they miss space. Then we went back to the first workshop to take pictures and film the ladies sewing the prototype. 

It was rather impressive to see how the magic happens. The pattern and the cutting was made the day before. The pieces in a few minutes went alive with the sewing fingers of the sewing team.

About an hour later, the first sketch of the dress was ready.

The morning went very fast, we left the factory at 1 to the airport and come back to Belgium.

We finished our visit with a group picture of Cristina and « her girls ». A fabulous portrait of lovely women. I have my mind full of ideas and a lot of work to do to start the prototyping of the next collection, which I hope you will enjoy! Very very exciting!

See you tomorrow for another kind of visit. We will drive to France near Troyes to visit one of our fabric supplier.

See you soon online to discover the video and all the pictures!


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