1. General terms and conditions

The website www.madeandmore.com is property of Made Out Of More SPRL. Made Out Of More SPRL is registered under the VAT number BE 0694.819.116. Every order is equivalent to the acceptance of the present terms and conditions by the buyer. These general terms and conditions are integral part of the agreement as described below.

44 Boulevard Piercot
4000 LIEGE

Tel: +32 (0) 473 33 46 17

2. Order

The order process can be done in English and in French language.
The main steps are described hereunder:


First order:

The buyer must create a personal account to pass an order. To create an account the buyer clicks on « register», indicates his/her email address, and then clicks on register. The next step is to register the personal information via the form. Once the form is fulfilled, the buyer clicks on "register".

The buyer can therefore pass an order.

For returning customers:

The buyer will access the detailed order process (describe in paragraph B) by entering his/her email address and personal password after clicking on "log in".


  1. In order to buy an item, the buyer clicks on "add to basket" to place the item in his/her basket
    2. The buyer clicks on "proceed to purchase" to reach the delivery and invoicing addresses step.
    3. The customer confirms his order and clicks on next. The Delivery Options tab appears, and the buyer choose a delivery method.
    4. The buyer confirms his/her agreement with the general terms and conditions and clicks on next.
    5. The buyer chooses his payment method. The buyer can change and modify his/her choices at any time by clicking on "previous".

Right of withdrawal 

The buyer may exercise the right to notify to the seller that he renounce his/her order without a penalty and without giving any reason, within fourteen calendar days starting one day after the delivery date of the order. If the buyer invokes this right, the buyer will send back to item(s) to Made Out Of More SPRL, Boulevard Piercot, 44, 4000 Liège, BELGIUM, at the buyer's expenses and at his own risks, except for returns from Belgium and France for which Made Out Of More offers the transport costs.

The withdrawal form is downloadable here.

3. Prices

The prices of the products are indicated in euros, VAT inclusive and exclude transportation expenses and/or any other taxes or other duties.


The buyer pays immediately the total amount of the order via bank transfer, via our safe online payment service OGONE or via Paypal. If the buyer chooses to pay via bank transfer, the goods are booked during 14 calendar days. If 14 calendar days after the order, the amount of the order remains unpaid to the seller, the goods will be put back in stock and the initial order considered as cancelled. 

5. Delivery

The order is shipped by Made Out Of More SPRL after receiving the payment of the whole order amount

6. Delivery times

The delivery times indicated during the ordering process and after order confirmation are indicative. In case of a failure to meet a delivery time, the seller will do his best to find a solution and to meet the delivery time, or, will suggest alternative options to the buyer in case of delivery time exceeding 10 calendar days. The buyer is liable for incorrect delivery due to a wrong delivery address. The buyer if responsible for extra costs linked to the wrong delivery address.
Without prejudice to the article 12, in case of failure to meet the agreed delivery date, the buyer can resolve the agreement if the new delivery date is not met after receiving a formal notice via a registered letter. This delay cannot be higher than 25% of the initial delay wit a minimum of 10 calendar days. If the buyer renounces the agreement after the new delivery date, the buyer will be refunded the amount of the order.

7. Delivery place

The order is shipped at the delivery address as mentioned during the order process. The buyer is liable for risks and costs linked to the transport of the order. The seller is not liable for any delay and/or damages linked to the transport, unless gross misconduct or negligence attributed to the seller.

8. Complaints

Without prejudice to article 10, complaints related to a delivery or a product conformity concerning visible defects must be addressed to Made Out Of More SPRL via the email address hello@madeandmore.be within 8 days after the delivery date. After this delay, the delivery is considered as accepted and the seller will not be liable for any complaints related to the delivery or visible defects. In the event of hidden defects, the buyer notifies the seller with a registered letter (addressed to Made Out Of More SPRL, Boulevard Piercot 44, 4000 Liège, Belgium) within a period of 2 months following the discovery of the hidden defect. In this written letter, the buyer needs to describe the damage and provide proof with pictures.

9. Retention of title

Products are property of the seller until total payment of the product.

10. Guarantees

The guarantee of Made & More is restricted to the warranty for hidden defects and the consumer guarantees act as listed in the Belgian civil code.
The seller is not responsible for any damages caused by the usage of the products, the damage being caused to the buyer, his products or third parties, even during the guarantee period.
As a result the seller is not liable for any damages and accidents to persons, indirect goods of sold items, loss of income. In case of the seller would be possibly responsible, the seller would be liable to compensate the buyer for an amount which would not exceed the sales price of the item.
The guarantee does not cover the normal usage of the product, neither the defect related to an abnormal, incorrect or negligent usage of the product.

11. Force majeure

Circumstances such as strikes, fire, machinery breakdown, late delivery of suppliers, epidemic, war risks, civil wars, lack of energy resources, arbitrary decisions of the government, suppliers bankruptcy, ... are considered as force majeure circumstances when they have the effect to delay or make the deliveries very difficult, even if these circumstances can be anticipated.

The seller will inform as fast as possible the buyer of such circumstances as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The seller reserves the right to extend the delivery delay to a period of time equal to the delay during which the force majeure circumstances lasted. The seller reserves the right to terminate the contract without commitment or liability.

12. Personal information

The present arrangements shall respect the privacy of the client in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the processing of personal data and other mandatory provisions of Belgian law on the subject.
The person in charge of your personal data is Ms Stéphanie Fellen, Co-owner of Made Out Of More, having its registered address at Boulevard Piercot, 44, 4000 Liège, Belgium, registered under the VAT number BE 0694.819.116.
Made Out Of More SPRL is a company having its activity registered under the commercialization of clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Made Out Of More SPRL can be reached 24/24h 7/7 days via the email address hello@madeandmore.be or by phone at 0032 473 33 46 17 from monday to thursday between 9 am and 6 pm and on friday between 9 am to 4 pm. 
Any personal information communicated to Made Out Of More SPRL are treated by Made Out Of More SPRL for the treatment of the order. Personal information remains confidential and will never be disclosed to any third parties or organizations.
The buyer can ask at any moment, for free, to remove his/her personal data from Made Out Of More database. The buyer can also ask, without any additional costs, to rectify any of his/her personal information that might be wrong.

13. Right of renunciation

The Buyer may exercise the right of renunciation within fourteen days after delivery of the product without penalty and without giving any reason.

14. Applicable law

All disputes related to the interpretation and execution of the present Terms and Conditions are subject to the Belgian law. All disputes between parties will be submitted to an authorized judge in Belgium.