Chalco sandals

  79,95 €

Cancun sandals have 5 loops. You will enjoy an unlimited ways to tie your sandals ! This model gives you extra comfort with a very comfortable foam sole.

  • Volcanic rubber and high quality recycled leather
  • Handcrafted in Spain
  • Complete your sandals with your favorite pair of ribbons
Every packages comes with a pair of black ribbons out of the Suede collection.

This package includes:

  • Chalco sandals
  • A black suede ribbon
Check out this video to learn how to style your Rarmuri Sandals !

The Factory

Edel Van Riet, designer and founder of the brand Raramuri is a 29 year old belgian teacher who was also deep down inside an aventurer. This is why, three years ago he left Belgium and went to Latin America on his own. He worked in Guatemala as a volunteer, as a guide in Nicaragua, travelled through the Mexican jungle and sailed the Caribbean Sea.

During his journey, he made a special encounter. As he was trekking throug the high mountains of Mexico, he met a very special Indian tribe : The Raràmuri, which means “those with light feet”.

Edel was fascinated by the way they make their own shoes made of ribbons and a piece of car tire. They were that robust that The Raràmuri could walk on these hand made sandals for tens of kilometers a day. The Rarámuri were known for their beautiful running style and infinite endurance.

When he came back in Antwerp, Edel remained inspired by the Raràmuri. That’s why he decided to design his own sandals.

The benefits of Rarámuri sandals are shared with a charity organisation named ‘Cooperative for Education’. They run a campaign called “ The thousand girls initiative” .This organisation supports girls to get an education.